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Should they allow 5G network in Nigeria

5G network in Nigeria
5G network radiation

Owing to this times where the 5G (fifth generation) new technology is rumored to be the cause of the coronavirus pandemic, we would be discussing on 5G network in Nigeria, should they allow the 5G network in Nigeria? Would it be harmful to humans?


5G is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies supporting cellular data networks. Large scale adoption began in 2019 and today virtually every telecommunication service provider in the developed world is upgrading its infrastructure to offer 5G functionality. 

The new 5G wireless devices also have 4G LTE capability, as the new networks use 4G for initially establishing the connection with the cell, as well as in locations where 5G access is not available.

5G can support up to a million devices per square kilometer, while 4G supports only up to 100,000 devices per square kilometer.

When was 5G network Created?

In February 2017, Ericsson introduced the first 5G platform offering end-to-end support for the fifth generation wireless network.

This includes providing the 'market’s first complete 5G radio system, the first version of an E2E Core network capable of 5G use cases based on network slices and a 5G core network which can now be connected to 5G NR radio'.

Over the past few years Ericsson has been testing our possible 5G capabilities, with Ericsson beginning field testing in 2015.

However 5G network was first initiated in 2013 by south Korea but was later hijacked by the Chinese because of their advancement in technology all other top network and electronic companies like hauwei, Samsung, Ericson, Nokia and Qualcomm have sponsored the 5G project with billions of dollars right from 2016, the UK government has also made plans to be a 5G leader and have invested $1bn in broadband, in January 2016 Google also planned to build a 5G network called skybender that provides 5G network connections via solar powered drones.

The 5G network was officially launched in China in 2019 and is already in use in some advanced countries like the United Kingdom, United States, South Korea and Germany, the 5G network is not yet a commercial network in any of this countries


As with previous cellular technologies, 5G networks rely on signals carried by radio waves part of the electromagnetic spectrum transmitted between an antenna or mast and your phone.
We are all surrounded by electromagnetic radiation all the time - from television and radio signals, as well as from a whole range of technologies, including mobile phones, and also from natural sources such as sunlight.
5G uses higher frequency waves than earlier mobile networks, allowing more devices to have access to the internet at the same time and at faster speeds.
These waves travel shorter distances through urban spaces, so 5G networks require more transmitter masts than previous technologies, positioned closer to ground level.

5G network in Nigeria
The Radio wave brave is not ionized

According to researches by some proffesionals from the World Health Organization (WHO) the radio wave brand is non ionizing and therefore is not capable of breaking DNA apart and cause cellular damage. 

test run of 5G network in Nigeria
Test run of 5G network in calabar

5G network in Nigeria was initiated by the mobile telecommunication network (MTN) when they did a test run for the network in November 2019 in some major cities like Abuja and calabar this test run has been done in only two African countries, Nigeria and South Africa by the same telecommunication company.

Due to rumours that the 5G Network is the cause of Coronavirus and Public Figures like Sen. Dino melaye and founder of love world ministries pastor Chris oyakhilome kicking against it the federal government of Nigeria through the Minister of Communication has announced that the 5G network has not been licensed in Nigeria and everyone should debunk all rumours of installation of 5G network in Lagos and Abuja.
The world has always witnessed different upgrades in technology from the times of the 1G network that allowed communication only through wires to the 2G network that allowed wireless communication and text messages and the 3G network that allows a faster wireless communication with Video calls and audio records and the 4G network that has made the communication between devices faster . The 5G network would enable Machine to Machine communication i.e a doctor in the United States can do operation on a patient in Nigeria from the comfort of his office, isn't that cool rather than spending so much on processing visa and transporting a patient over to the United States due to the poor medical faculties in Nigeria. Countries like south Korea have Nationwide 5G network coverage but they haven't recorded any case of 5G network damaging the health of any citizen.

The 5G technology makes communication faster and better but if the technology may be of harm to Nigerians, it should be properly tested and considered before letting the 5G network in Nigeria. 

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