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Would cash actually be distributed to every Nigerian?

Would cash actually be distributed to every Nigerian?

Nigerians have been awaiting disbursement of cash by the federal government as compensation for abandoning their businesses and staying at home to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country, citizens in the United States are been paid over a thousand dollars as President Donald Trump released a whopping $2.2 trillion.

2019 PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar had earlier challenged the federal government to give out 10,000 naira to everyone and give out airtime worth 1,500 to every Nigerian while donating 50 million naira to help fight Covid 19.

Nigerians have long been hoping on the federal government to distribute funds to every citizen and many were expecting president Buhari to include that in his speech as he addressed the nation on the 29th of March at 7pm, hopefully president Buhari in his speech talked about distributing conditional cash to the most vulnerable in the society, meaning Cash may not be distributed to every citizen.

The line as culled out of the speech is quoted below

 "For the most vulnerable in our society, I have directed that the conditional cash transfers for the next two months be paid immediately. Our Internally displaced persons will also receive two months of food rations in the coming weeks.
We also call on all Nigerians to take personal responsibility to support those who are vulnerable within their communities, helping them with whatever they may need"
From the statement it show that cash would only be distributed to the most vulnerable which are the poorest in the society and not every Nigerian.

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